Palacio Maria - Interior

The photo below is the main ballroom, the heart of the event center.  Escentially, it can be used as one grand ballroom (~14,000 ft2) holding ~360 to 400 people or it can be divided into 3 separate ballrooms.  Each ballroom has its own audio/video/wifi equipment and sliding sound-proofing doors that can allow totally separate events to take place at the same time .

Click here to see a Floor Plan of Palacio Maria. 

Palacio Maria - Viewing all 3 Ballrooms 
Decor: will be "elegant" fitting for weddings, graduations and other special formal events.
Portable bars will be available & outside catering will be permitted.
Surrounding the center will be extensive landscaping, a gazebo,fountains, trees and flowers!


Ballroom 1 - (East)

 This ballroom, named "Gil" will hold ~120 people.  This ballroom has a stage and two video screens, one on either side of the stage.

Ballroom 2 - (Center)

 This ballroom, named "Mary"  will hold ~120 people.  It has one video screen on the north side of the room.

Ballroom 3 - (West)

This ballroom, "Rocket" will hold ~120 people.  It has one video screen on the north side of the room.





Private Room

 This small meeting room will hold ~ 30 people.

Dressing Rooms

 The bride & groom will each have a dressing room that will hold party members.  The brides is located just to the south of Ballroom 3 and the grooms just to the south of Ballroom 1.


 There are 2 sets of rest-rooms (1 for men and 1 for women).    They are conviently located so that all 3 ballrooms have easy access to them. 



 Palacio Maria has the latest up-to-date kitchen, so your menu will not be a problem.  


 We hope to visit with you in our office to determine the specifics of your event.


 Seats ~130 people


Audio Equipment

 Palacio Maria has the latest state-of-the-art audio equipment in each of our 3 ballrooms. 

Video Equipment

 Each ballroom will have state-of-the-art projection equipment.  Ballroom 1, next to the stage, will have two projectors and two screens.  Ballrooms 2 & 3 will each have one projector and one screen.


 The stage is found only in ballroom 1.  Information coming soon.


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