Rates at Palacio Maria:

To book an event at Palacio Maria you will first meet with our Event Coordinator.  Together, we will explore options and make decisions that will make your event truly special.   Once agreement is reached a contract will be signed to reflect the details agreed upon.  At the time of the booking, 25% of the total cost must be paid.  Within one week of the event, 75% of the total cost must be paid.  Seven days before the event takes place, all associated costs must be paid.

Five different rooms are available for you at Palacio Maria:

  • Gil's Ballroom 
  • Maria's Ballroom 
  • Randall's Ballroom 
  • Patio de Lynn 
  • Juanito’s Meeting Room - Used as dressing room for all events.

Palacio Maria’s entire facility can be rented for a daily event.  Combinations of rooms, less than the entire facility, are subject to negotiation.  Depending upon the type of event and the configuration of tables, seating, etc., the approximate capacity of each of the three ballrooms is 200 people.   Juanito’s Little Room is used as a dressing room for Weddings and Quinceaneras.  Patio De Lynn can accommodate up to 100 people.

When renting all or part of Palacio Maria, included in the price is the use, set-up, and break-down of needed tables and chairs.  Five-foot diameter round tables and six-foot rectangular tables are available; each of which seats ten people.  

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